What We Offer

Snake River Sportsmen currently offers several "disciplines" within the broad scope of gun safety and shooting sports. Our two separate range facilities give our membership access to just about any type of shooting scenario from short range pistol pits to shotgun trap and skeet fields to 1000 yard high power rifle.

SRS offers several classes to get you started or refreshed on shooting "know how" throughout the year. Anyone can learn practical skills and techniques from our certified and trained instructors. We offer classes in everything from reloading to range safety officer certification to fulfilling your requirements for a concealed carry permit. We also offer several youth training and certification programs for our youngsters which additionally instill and value positive leadership and life skills to help them grow into outstanding and responsible adult citizens.

Some of you old hands or participants from other clubs or areas of the country may notice some events may even use hybrid rules taken from two or three other shooting sports. Some of our disciplines might cross over into other disciplines as well. Safety first never changes though. All SRS match events are directed by NRA certified Range Safety Officers. They are the ultimate say so on how they run the matches and events, so ask if you have specific questions.

Oh yeah, Did we say fun? SRS match events are always a good time for participants no matter your experience level. Our discipline directors love new faces and answering questions from new shooters. Find the discipline you're searching for, check the calendar for the next date of that event and join us at that next match or training session.

If you have never participated in one of our matches we would like to invite you out to a match event. Young and old, beginners and old hands alike are always welcomed to participate. You may make some new friends and even learn something new!

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