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Snake River Sportsmen in Ontario Oregon has become affiliated with the NSCA Clubs in Idaho, our registered shoots are now listed with the Idaho Shoot Schedule. We will continue to have regular monthly registered shoots.


Please see the Calendar under Events.


For Sporting Clays and Skeet, contact Josh Meyer at 208-741-0517.

For Trap, contact John Dollar at 208-989-0001.

Shooting Fees

Birds can be purchased for the following costs...

Sporting Clays - 100 Birds:  $35.00 for members, $40.00 for non-members.

Skeet & Trap - 25 Birds: $7.00 for members, $8.00 for non-members.


In Skeet, two houses are used. A High House, and a Low House.

The High House is at the left end of a semi-circle that contains seven of the game's eight stations.

The Low House is at the right end of this "half clock" arrangement. Station eight is midway between the two houses.

Although the flight path of the targets remain constant, the shooter's perspective of the target varies as they move through the stations.

A round of Skeet consists of 25 birds.

Sporting Clays

In Sporting Clays, shooters walk around a course containing different stations.  Each station has a different set of birds, to simulate flight of Game Birds.

Stations may have single birds, report pairs, and true pairs.  Each station may have up to three machines positioned to throw the targets.

A round of Sporting Clays consists of 50 or 100 birds.

Youth Programs

With the NRA's and OHA's help, we promote youth in our shooting programs.

Planning an Event

We can help you host a Fun & Safe group event; including family, church, or corporate groups.

We have certified instructors for the shotgun sports.  Beginners are welcome!  Let us help you get started in Shotgun Sports.

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