Long Range Precision Tactical Rifle

The High Power Long Range Clinic will be held as scheduled on Sunday May 13th at the Ontario Shotgun Club House starting at 8:30 AM for the lecture portion.

The Clinic will be conducted by Travis Woodbury who ran the same Clinic about two years ago and the format will be much the same as the previous Clinic. Travis has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area having gained much of it by way of his service in the Armed Forces and study on his own. The fee for this Clinic will be $20.00 / student and we will use a portion of that fee to defray Travis's expenses and SRS Expenses.

Travis expects the lecture portion to go to about noon but we could be off a bit either way on that timing. The shooting portion will be in the afternoon at our Vale Range and we will allow enough time for you to grab a quick lunch. We will talk about that in the AM session.

If you have a full blown Long Range Tactical Rifle and all the other gear bring it but if you don't have all that gear bring a good ( accurate ) Scoped High power Rifle and about 40 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection, either a bench rest and rear bag or about three or four sandbags, a shooting matt of any form. A spotting scope or good set of binoculars would be handy too. If you have a good range finder you may want to bring that too. Rod,Travis and I will throw in some of our extra HP Rifle gear to sort of cover the gaps.

If you don't have an appropriate rifle and ammunition let me know ahead of the Clinic as I have a couple of fairly nice 308 and one 30-06 scoped target rifles and I can furnish match grade ammunition for those rifles at a pretty nominal cost. I could also furnish a spotting scope or a set of good binoculars should you need those I just need to know ahead of time what to bring.

This is a Clinic to introduce you to some phases of Long Range Shooting that are beyond the experience of many shooters so bring what you have if you think it is anywhere near up to the job or you can use some of my firearms and gear and you can see if this is something you may want to pursue.

We have a wonderful facility for Long Range Tactical Shooting at our Vale Range and in fact have had a number of non Club entity sponsored shoots out there over the last couple of years. These shoots were very well attended by pretty highly experienced shooters from all over the Country.

– Dave Brown, SRS HP Rifle Director

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