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Subject:       The Oregon 81st Legislature Firearms Bills have LAUNCHED - Call To Action!

From:  Kerry Spurgin,
President, Oregon State Shooting Association (OSSA)

See more information at  www.ossa.org/oregon-legislature

The Oregon State Shooting Association (OSSA), and the Oregon Association of Shooting Ranges (OASR) brings you an update of the pending impacts to your gun rights in Oregon.

There are eleven (11) bills that impact your use of firearms in the current legislative session.  These bills include topics of safety, elimination of preemption (thus enabling local districts to set your firearms laws), elimination of lead shot for hunting, firearms purchase permits, registration, and more.

All Clubs must make their members aware of the danger from some of this legislation to their gun rights.  OSSA and OASR ask that you:

1. Use your mailing lists and publish the attached 1 pager to your members!
        - The 1 pager guides and activates your members to learn about the bills.
        - The 1 pager teaches your members how to contact their State Rep. and Senator.

2. Review the 1 pager in your club leadership meetings.
        - Learn what these bills will mean to you and your club.
        - Determine and deliver your club’s message is to your State Rep. and Senator 

The Call to Action for your members is:

1.      Review the list, Identify the bills that impact you, our community, and our 2nd Amendment rights.
2.      Using the links provided, access, review, and understand the bills, watch their progress. 
3.      Use this link for “Bill Alerts” to sign up for alerts on changes and progress for the bills of interest.
4.      Learn how the Oregon legislature works and how you can engage the process through “Oregon Legislature Citizen Engagement”
5.      Contact your state Senators and Representatives to let them know how you stand and how they should represent each bill.   Use “Who Represents ME in Oregon” to find your Senator and Representative.

See more information at  www.ossa.org/oregon-legislature

Kerry Spurgin,  President
Oregon State Shooting Association (OSSA)

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